About Us

Who We Are

Darrt Amusement is an integrated, multi-layered entertainment company operating in the Greater Western New York State area which includes the major metropolitan area of Buffalo, New York’s second largest city.

Founded in 1952 by Alfred and Toni Bergman, the Corporation is still under the control of the Bergman family. Operations were taken over by two of the founders sons, Randall and Robert, in 1982.

The major focus of the Company is the coin-operated games and music industry. While many other types of equipment are available for placement, such as ATM machines, vending machines and a wide variety of “novelty” amusement devices, the Company’s concentration is on high-tech games and state of the art internet based music systems.

Out client list ranges from large regional truck stops and family entertainment centers, to family restaurants and corner bars. The Company also provides entertainment machine leasing services that have terms lasting just a few days or for as long as needed to fulfill the customers needs.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to use our expertise in our industry to help our clients attract and retain their customers in their places of business by providing low costs and fun entertainment options, thereby eliminating expense and worry for you!

Darrt Amusement buys the latest equipment, installs it at the customers venue and provides service on the equipment 7-days a week to insure continued profits and an excellent customer experience.