Rusty Buffalo In-House Schedule

Week 1:November 5, 2019
7pm: Concrete Buffalo vs The Snipers
Hog Hunters vs Team Red Rocket
Ladybugs vs Rusty 1
9pm: Rusty 2 vs Just the Tip
The Mad Darters vs Falcone2
Week 2:November 12, 2019
7pm:The Mad Darter vs The Snipers
Falcone2 vs Rusty 2
Just the Tip vs Ladybugs
9pm:Rusty 1 vs Hog Hunters
Team Red Rocket vs Concrete Buffalo
Week 3: November 19, 2019
7pm:The Snipers vs Team Red Rocket
Concrete Buffalo vs Rusty 1
Hog Hunters vs Just the Tip
9pm:Ladybugs vs Falcone2
Rusty 2 vs The Mad Darters
Week 4: November 26, 2019
7pm:Rusty 2 vs The Snipers
The Mad Darters vs Ladybugs
Falcone2 vs Hog Hunters
9pm:Just the Tip vs Concrete Buffalo
Rusty 1 vs Team Red Rocket
Week 5:December 3, 2019
7pm:The Snipers vs Rusty 1
Team Red Rocket vs Just the Tip
Concrete Buffalo vs Falcone2
9pm:Hog Hunters vs The Mad Darters
Ladybugs vs Rusty 2
Week 6:December 10, 2019
7pm:Ladybugs vs The Snipers
Rusty 2 vs Hog Hunters
The Mad Darters vs Concrete Buffalo
9pm:Falcone2 vs Team Red Rocket
Just the Tip vs Rusty 1
Week 7:December 17, 2019
7pm:The Snipers vs Just the Tip
Rusty 1 vs Falcone2
Tam Red Rocket vs Th Mad Darters
9pm:Concrete Buffalo vs Rusty 2
Hog Hunters vs Ladybugs
Week 8:January 7, 2019
7pm:Hog Hunters vs The Sniper
Ladybugs vs Concrete Buffalo
Rusty 2 vs Team Red Rocket
9pm:The Mad Darters vs Rusty 1
Falcone2 vs Just the Tip
Week 9:January 14, 2019
7pm:The Snipers vs Falcone2
Just the Tip vs The Mad Darters
Rusty 1 vs Rusty 2
9pm:Team Red Rocket vs Ladybugs
Concrete Buffalo
Week 10:January 21, 2019
7pm:Falcone2 vs The Sniper
The Mad Darters vs Just the Tip
Rusty 2 vs Team Red Rocket
9pm:Ladybugs vs Rusty 1
Hog Hunters vs Concrete Buffalo