Rusty Buffalo Stats

Team NameGames PlaysWonLossesMatches PlayedMatches WonMatches LostForfeitsMoney ExpectedMoney Paid
2 Wild N Crazy Guys9860381495$224.00$224.00
Armed and Hammered98346414311$224.00$224.00
B And E98623614113$224.00$224.00
Beers B4 Bullseyes9839591459$224.00 $224.00
Cousin Connection98811714131$224.00 $224.00
Darty Party98633514113$224.00 $224.00
Deaf John Space Weed913655135814$208.00$176.00
Disabled Darts9859391495$224.00 $224.00
Everytime I Dart98405814410$224.00 $224.00
F-ing Polacks9144471376$208.00$208.00
Is It In98227614212$224.00$224.00
Kati Hauks Pie Pan98712714113$224.00 $224.00
Smoking Darts9851471495$224.00$224.00
Team Fishtastic98217714113$224.00 $224.00
Who Darted98455314410$224.00$224.00
Player NameTeamGames PlayedWinsLow TonsHighest OutAssistsHatricks
Neil Guerin2 Wild N Crazy Guys8420950200
Steve Kougher2 Wild N Crazy Guys98381980153
Rick Ogilvie2 Wild N Crazy Guys14868241
AshleyArmed and Hammered700000
Ryan Bejin Armed and Hammered8418107060
Rachael BergmanArmed and Hammered701000
Julie MissertArmed and Hammered841116470
Erin BingaB And E98321440192
Brian WilliamsB And E98383339152
Ryan AlvarezBeers B4 Bullseyes98231435112
Matt CraigBeers B4 Bullseyes701498130
Kyle WilkinsBeers B4 Bullseyes2841260
John RamosCousin Connection 14764523
Eric SchwalenbergCousin Connection98412648256
Tyler TangelderCousin Connection844631122203
Corey Blaczyk Darty Party983332132244
Jeremy NantkaDarty Party98402074131
Michele BrentonDeaf John Space Weed7721543100
Matt GraceDeaf John Space Weed 4212101950
Aaron SadlochaDeaf John Space Weed359105052
NickDisabled Darts721000
NateDisabled Darts 7224700
Katie GuerinDisabled Darts 74211910
John GormanDisabled Darts7030775100
Tim GuerinDisabled Darts982821100200
Zac JarnotDisabled Darts 720010
Brian HodgesEverytime I Dart9827147892
Jon SerwinowskiEverytime I Dart98191154130
Tim JabionskiF-ing Polacks9124255121
Paul WojcikF-ing Polacks91271358111
Taylor CiesielskiIs It In700000
Aubrei Llin BorahIs It In911264351
Chris OwczarczakIs It In7102200
Jessica SullivanIs It In911547240
BrianKati Hauks Pie Pan715001
CalabKati Hauks Pie Pan 4223204257
Jeremy JoyKati Hauks Pie Pan 701021
David LauckKati Hauks Pie Pan9838331152515
Stacy TribucoKati Hauks Pie Pan42201311581
Matt CooperSmoking Darts98281478140
Joe SliwinskiSmoking Darts98262480163
Kelly FishTeam Fishtastic91746040
Melissa FishTeam Fishtastic91812040
Rachel CarruthersWho Darted9819835190
Austin SuarezWho Darted9829156120