Tap TV

The Right Entertainment

The right entertainment can mean the difference between an average location and a great one. But with smartphones and other distractions competing for guests’ attention, it’s harder than ever to find new ways to keep them captivated and coming back for more. Tap TV is brought to you by AMI Entertainment.

Tap TV Trivia Channel

Live, connected, and inherently social, Tap TV Trivia represents the future of on-premise entertainment.

  • It connects to TVs already installed around the venue, allowing all guests to watch and participate in a nationwide trivia competition.
  • Guests play along using their own smartphones and the Tap TV app, meaning there’s no bulky equipment or costly controllers for the venue to put out on display.
  • Bar and restaurant owners pay a small monthly fee, enabling Tap TV Trivia to be offered as a free-to-play service for patrons.

While other amusement products try to compete with smartphones and TV screens, Tap TV turns both into your greatest asset!

Tap TV Poker Channel

For years, bar and restaurant owners have offered special Texas Hold’em Nights to lure in guests, but not without complex planning and high costs. Tap TV’s Poker Channel deals venues a better hand to play.

  • Patrons use the free Tap TV app to join virtual poker tables.
  • Each table holds up to 8 players, bringing together both local patrons and others across the network. All play is for amusement only.
  • Once a patron connects, Tap TV begins displaying a live feed of their game. Patrons view their cards and manage their wagers with the Tap TV app, while nearby TVs display community cards, bets, and hand results, plus fun poker tips and promotional ads.

Tap TV even detects when a venue has patrons at more than one virtual table and takes turns covering each one on TV! The app automatically adjusts to give un-televised patrons everything they need to play until TV coverage of their table resumes.

Your Ads on Television

Tap TV isn’t just for gamers – it’s also a powerful promotional tool. Every channel includes scheduled commercial breaks with support for custom ads, giving venues the power to advertise their own events and specials.

  • Visit amientertainment.net to access AMI’s online Ad Manager tool
  • Upload a custom image or choose from hundreds of pre-made templates, ranging from event promotion to food & drink sales
  • Control the date range, the days of the week, and the hours that each ad will appear