TouchTunes brings innovative entertainment solutions to over 60,000 bars and restaurants across North America. The TouchTune Jukebox network is designed to create unique experiences that attract patrons and encourage them to stay longer. In addition to delivering an incredible music experience, the TouchTunes Jukebox is also a multi-application platform that engages patrons with alternative entertainment experiences including mobile, photo booth, and karaoke.

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Engaging, Social and Fun

  • Modern interface with artist features, playlists, and smart search draws users in and makes it easy to find your favorite song
  • Advanced music filters let you customize the music experience for your venue
  • Targeted music promotions, sweepstakes, and interactive media increase engagement and use

Makes a Statement in any venue

  • Sleek design with bright rim and wall lighting to set the mood
  • Large 26 inch HD widescreen encourages social interaction and draws a crowd
  • Top LED screen calls out to patrons, tells them what song is playing, and shows a dynamic equalizer that moves to the music
  • Proven and reliable performance